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Discover IPT
23 years of Success

At IPT, our therapists examine your entire body to see how each part is influencing and affecting the other parts. In this way, IPT looks at the big picture and gets to the source of the problem while alleviating symptoms.

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IPT focuses on
Manual Therapy / Hands-on PT

IPT uses manual therapy like Myofascial Release, ART, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranio-Sacral therapy and more that both feels good while supports healing and pain relief!

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Orthopedic Clinical Specialist at IPT
Rehab Your Sports Injury Smarter

Sports Medicine PT at IPT is committed to help athletes stay fit and healthy. Our OCS, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, is a sports medicine PT expert with the knowledge and experience to get you back in the game and help you stay there!

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IPT gets you back
to doing what you love

Come and let IPT listen to your story, your fears, your concerns and needs. Then together, you and IPT will begin to get you back to doing what you need to do and love to do, safely and quickly!

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IPT offers individualized
therapy programs

Integrative Physical Therapy (IPT) has a 23 year history of successfully returning patients to their optimal performance and active everyday lives including improving mobility, strength...

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Physical Therapy Clifton Park

Welcome to Integrative Physical Therapy

Your First and Last Step to Rehabilitating Injury and Ending Pain.

If you have muscle spasms, disabling back pain, sharp stabbing hip pain, aching knee discomfort, nagging neck pain or are recovering from an injury or surgery; then IPT, Integrative Physical Therapy is your number one choice for pain relief and a fast return to doing what you love.

  • Are you in agony sitting at your desk… just trying to do your job?
  • Do you “pay for it” every time you do yard work, do the dishes, clean the house or cook? Let IPT help get your life back!

  • Do you love gardening, but can’t stand the pain that comes with it?
  • And, of course, you LOVE to play with the kids and the grandchildren. Yet, perhaps injury or pain limits your joy and freedom. Let IPT show you how to conquer that pain!

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At IPT we treat the whole body, not just the patient’s symptoms and this is what distinguishes us from other physical therapy practices.

This is why we chose to name our practice, Integrative Physical Therapy. Because integrative means “to make into a whole by bringing all parts together.”

So…here’s the inside scoop, “Not all physical therapy is the same!"

What does this mean for you? Let me explain it this way: If we are talking cars for a moment…both a Civic and Mercedes have 4 wheels, seats to sit in, and usually get you where you want to go.   But if you could choose between the two, you would likely choose the one that will get there most safely, most reliably and even do so in more comfort and ease.

Well, with physical therapy, you CAN CHOOSE the Mercedes! You can choose IPT.

IPT offers ONE ON ONE, individualized, physical therapy sessions and takes almost all insurances. Many clinics today double book patients and juggle 3, even 4 patients at one time. Not IPT!

Not only does IPT offer longer sessions of one on one therapy, IPT is also considered a manual therapy clinic – which means YOU get hands-on treatments! That means IPT utilizes techniques like deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point release, myofascial release, Counterstrain technique, acupressure, stretching, soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy techniques and much -much more to align bones, release spasms, loosen muscles, decrease pain and improve your function.

And, that’s not all! IPT gives you one on one sessions so they can also train you in CUTTING EDGE functional exercise programs. You will learn POSITIONS, POSTURE and EXERCISES that actually enable you to get out of pain and improve your life! IPT’s comprehensive home exercise programs are customized to fit your specific needs and for your particular body, and this is what makes IPT so different!

IPT will create for you an entire body re-aligning and strengthening home exercise program. This program can feel good and be easy & gentle, or more advanced for athletes and sport enhancement.

If you think you tried physical therapy before, so you know what it can do, then think again. IPT is different. IPT will bring to you the powerful combination of hands-on techniques with personalized exercise programs and extensive education that feels good and works! IPT makes each treatment worth your co-payment!

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Why Choose IPT

At IPT we offer more! More time.... more expertise.... more hands-on...more experience...more heart...more privacy.... and ultimately, this leads to exceptional care.

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We so look forward to working with you. Call us now and begin to feel better today!

(518) 373-0735

So, Make sure you check out our FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and perhaps more importantly, check out our SAQ’s (should ask questions) for more information on choosing the right physical therapy for you!

Oh, one more thing! See the box at the bottom of the screen, the one that says sign up here for your special report: IPT posture exercise and 10 Secrets to a healthy spine.

Well, put your email in that box, and get a FREE very special report and begin feeling better today. Remember, we hate spam and will never give or sell your email to anyone. Also, by signing up now, you will be able to receive monthly emails that provide you with healthy tips and information to keep you moving and living your life to the fullest!

We look forward to serving you soon!


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Physical Therapy Services in Clifton Park

We are a leader in orthopedic physical therapy, trained in the diagnosis of movement dysfunction, IPT offers a comprehensive therapy package emphasizing manual therapy with individualized personalized training and rehab programs. View More ».

IPT CAN Help You.
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We treat your body as the complex system that it is, while making it simple to understand and giving you effective tools for success. Integrative PT is not just a traditional outpatient physical therapy clinic with all the modalities, equipment and resources known to the physical therapy profession.

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