Golfer’s Performance Programs

Golfer’s Performance Programs

Let IPT provide you with the three-dimensional training of your joints and muscles that will improve your game. Not only can we help you if you have any pain associated with your golf game, more importantly, but we can also help prepare you to play better, safer, and without injury. In 2012, Kimberly DelVecchio, owner of IPT was certified as an NG360, Nike Golf functional performance trainer, powered by Gray Institute. The official Gray Institute & Nike golf program has since ended, however, the training and expertise live on in those who were certified.

A good golf swing requires that every one of your joints be mobile, flexible, and strong. Specifically, the relationship between your trunk, hips, and feet has to be functioning well together. Often though our swing has to adapt because of limitations in personal mobility. Many golfers use professional golf coaches to help assist in finding ways around the body’s limitations. However, it is possible and easy to get the body (particularly the hip internal rotation and lumbar spine movement) necessary for your swing to effortlessly improve. IPT will get your body moving freely in ways you didn’t think possible. The result will be:

  • 18 holes of golf without pain
  • Drive the ball longer
  • Drive straighter

Our goal for you is to develop a more ease-full swing without having to go to the gym, pay for more golf lessons, without medications or surgery.

IPT will provide you with a home program of golf-specific exercises that are suited to your individual body’s needs.

1. Improve flexibility.
2. Break poor swing habits.
3. Play easier.

Come in today for your golfer’s assessment. You may not even know that a simple correctable issue with your foot is limiting your hip and dramatically affecting your drive!

Any pain or Injury by a sport, work accident etc.

we welcome the chance to serve you.