Why Choose IPT

Why Choose IPT?

Finish this sentence:

  • “It hurts when I…”
  • “I am unable to…”
  • “I’m afraid that I…”
  • “I want to be able to…”

Come and let IPT listen to your story, your fears, your concerns, and your needs. Then together, you and IPT will begin to get you back to doing what you need to do and love to do, safely and quickly! Honestly, your pain and injuries are as unique as your goals and aspirations. Equally, all physical therapy is not the same.

Let IPT Get You Back To Doing The Things That Are Important To You!

We encourage you to do your research into where you place your time, money, and trust!

The following information outlines the difference that makes IPT different!

At Integrative Physical Therapy (IPT), we are dedicated to helping you feel better, prevent injury, compete at higher levels, move more efficiently, lose weight, play with the children easier, work with less pain, walk and run further and help you achieve whatever matters most to you. Here is how….

1. Going beyond treating just the injury to fix the root cause of the problem.

At IPT we rely on the most recent research and techniques to assess and treat ALL the imbalances in your body that contribute to both pain and injury. Our advanced training in Applied Functional Science enables us to examine how every joint and muscle is affecting one another up the chain from your foot to your head!

This means we take into account the position of your feet, the rotations at your pelvis, the curve of your spine, your entire body’s muscular strengths and flexibility… for every diagnosis. We do not just treat a symptom, we aim to fix the causes of pain to give you lasting relief.

Your body is a symphony. IPTs goal is to get each part interacting with the others to create the perfect harmony.

2. IPT provides every patient with an individualized home exercise program that is age, lifestyle, injury, and sport-specific.

IPT’s home programs ensure that you receive specific care that is targeted to shorten recovery time and optimize results!

We make success simple by providing you with exercises you can do at home to supplement treatment in our office.

Home programs include positions of relief, myofascial self stretches, yoga stretches, posture re-education, flexibility training, core and total body strengthening exercises as well as functional neuromuscular training.

These programs are designed to re-align the entire body, relieve pain, promote healing and prevent future injury.

Remember, IPT uniquely combines Pilates, Yoga, Applied Functional Science, Egoscue method, McKenzie technique, personal strength training with physical therapy exercises to create the perfect rehabilitation program for YOUR SPECIFIC BODY and needs!

At all times, patient education is emphasized and you will be actively encouraged and taught the techniques to maximize your recovery.

3. IPT is a Manual therapy Clinic.

Not all physical therapy clinics utilize manual therapy and few devote as much time as IPT to doing effective hands-on treatment!

IPT utilizes techniques like deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point release, Myofascial Release, Strain/ counter strain technique, acupressure, stretching, soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and more.

Specifically, these hands-on techniques are designed to improve or normalize movement patterns through the reduction of soft tissue pain and restrictions.

Manual therapy is beneficial in:

  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing swelling
  • Releasing muscle spasms
  • Breaking up adhesions
  • Increasing muscle relaxation & flexibility
  • Decreasing pain
  • Improving function

IPT’s manual therapy can be interactive with the patient participating or can be with the patient relaxing and letting the practitioner move the body tissues.

IPT not only wants to make your life better, but it starts by making your day better. Hands-on treatments can feel good and be relaxing. So, not only can it help your tissue and body to heal itself, but it also can be the best part of your day! Just take a look at our success stories and see what our patients are saying.

4. IPT spends more time giving ONE on ONE treatment sessions to make it worth your copayment expense.

IPT is one of the only physical therapy clinics that offer one on one, individualized, physical therapy sessions AND takes almost all insurances.

Many clinics today utilize large gym areas to double book patients. They often juggle 2 or 3 patients at one time. IPT will only see 1 – 2 patients in an hour and never double books!

IPT is known for its success in helping patients improve who have had no relief elsewhere. When doctors hear that physical therapy didn’t help, they often say, “well try Integrative Physical Therapy, they are different and I have seen good results.”

Listen, folks, it is not magic.

  • IPT simply makes the time to look at the big picture.
  • IPT makes the time to utilize effective manual techniques.
  • IPT makes the time to train patients with their own individualized home programs.
  • IPT makes the time to give its therapists the advanced training that makes us successful.
  • IPT makes the time to care about you!

5. IPT listens to you, the patient. No one knows your body better than you! At IPT we will combine our medical training with your wisdom and together create solutions.

You will not be left on your own like in other clinics. You will be learning, relaxing, working with our highly trained therapists. It really doesn’t matter how knowledgeable a therapist maybe if they do not have the time to implement the skill. IPT makes the time to offer the highest quality care.

  • We will include the whole picture including education and suggestions on improving sleep, stress modifications, diet, lifestyle, exercise, posture, body mechanics/ ergonomics, home support devices, and complementary therapy suggestions.
  • WIPT recognizes that each person is unique and has their own pattern of movement, body alignment, and postural habits and that all this takes time to properly diagnose and treat.

Our philosophy: customized treatment strategy and personalized attention, and this are what sets us apart from the rest!

Our mission is to achieve the best functional outcome for our patients. At Integrative Physical Therapy we strive to accomplish this in the shortest time possible, in the most cost-efficient manner, and with the highest degree of patient satisfaction.

The good news is you can choose where you go for physical therapy!

You can choose Integrative Physical Therapy (IPT).

Even if your doctor wants you to go to another physical therapy group affiliated with his office, you can decline and say you would prefer IPT and simply call us.

It is your body,

your time,

your money,

& and your choice.

Choose IPT.

Any Injury or pain by a sport, work accident etc.

we welcome the chance to serve you.