Gait & Balance Training, Fall Prevention

Gait & Balance Training, Fall Prevention

Learning Again How to Walk, Balance Training & Fall Prevention

IPT’s rehabilitation programs will get you back to safely doing all the things you need to do, one step at a time.

We all too often take the skill called walking for granted. Just ask someone who has suffered an injury or debilitating disease resulting in an impaired ability to walk. Generalized weakness, lower extremity injuries, neurological diseases, and severe deconditioning can be but a few causes of impaired walking called abnormal gait. Learning how to walk again is called gait training.

Let IPT become a guide and a resource for you to safely recover and relearn how to walk and do basic movements.

Stronger muscles are at the heart of good balance and the ability to walk. In a study published in Minerva Medica, a peer-reviewed medical journal, researchers found that progressive resistance training helps improve muscle strength and tone as well as gait.

However, strength alone is often not enough. Proper joint mechanics and mobility including coordination and timing are equally important for successful pain-free gait and activities of daily living. Call IPT today and take the first step towards your complete recovery!

Any pain or injury by a sport, work accident etc.

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