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Integrative means

“To make into a whole by bringing all parts together.”

At IPT, our therapists examine your entire body to see how each part is influencing and affecting all the other parts. For example, how the mechanics of the foot affects the hip and consequently, the low back. In this way, IPT looks at the big picture and gets to the source of the problem while alleviating symptoms.

Our Focus

Specifically, IPT focuses on functional movement strategies. This is looking at how the entire body works three-dimensionally in relationship to gravity, mass & momentum, and ground reaction forces. In other words, how your body moves in everyday activities.

IPT will treat your body as the complex system that it is while making it simple to understand and giving you effective tools for success.
Integrative PT is not just a traditional outpatient physical therapy clinic with all the modalities, equipment and resources known to the physical therapy profession.

IPT also includes an emphasis on skilled manual therapy and utilizes advanced training to offer its clients the most comprehensive personal health programs.

This means you get hands-on treatments that include techniques like deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point release, myofascial release, Counterstrain technique, acupressure, stretching, soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, and much – much more to align bones, release spasms, loosen muscles, decrease pain and improve your function.

IPT uniquely combines Pilates, yoga, applied functional science, Egoscue method, McKenzie technique, personal strength training with physical therapy exercises to create the perfect rehabilitation program for YOUR SPECIFIC BODY and needs! IPT recruits the best physical therapists and employs the most highly qualified and skilled professionals in their field. Our therapists are both trained in-house and sent to intensive continuing education programs. Each of our therapists has innovative knowledge in manual therapy techniques and works one-on-one with each patient to make sure that the goals of their treatment plan are met. Treatment begins with the therapist taking a thorough history to determine the root cause of pain. Each patient is then given a meaningful assessment and receives a comprehensive and personalized treatment program.

In today’s health care climate not everyone takes the time or supportive training to provide such a skilled approach. At IPT you will NOT be left alone in a gym or left on a hot pack, you WILL however have unprecedented one on one HANDS-ON care and a very individualized rehabilitation & exercise program. And all this is covered by your health insurance

IPT recognizes that each person is unique and has their own pattern of movement, body alignment, and postural habits and that all this takes time to properly diagnose and treat. So, IPT gives you longer, one on one sessions.


Why Choose IPT

At IPT we offer more! More time.... more expertise.... more hands-on...more experience...more heart...more privacy.... and ultimately, this leads to exceptional care.

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Hello, I’m Kimberly DelVecchio

Owner and Founder, PT, FAFS

Graduated from Russell Sage College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Dissatisfied with the quality of care she was witness to in her field; Kimberly created IPT in 2000 to offer one on one specialized therapy. IPT was created for the patients, as opposed to the production line PT clinics where several patients are treated simultaneously to offset diminishing reimbursement rates.

Kimberly utilizes functional biomechanics with manual therapy and is passionate to serve her patients and the community at large. To accomplish this she is endlessly pursuing cutting-edge techniques and strategies that uplift and heal. Kimberly has created different wellness programs and lectures on an integrative approach to healing, the body-mind system, and meditation. Kimberly graduated in 2011 as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) from the Gray Institute. Gary Gray is considered the founder of functional therapy and is famous for helping countless professional athletes and for keeping them in the game when all else failed. Functional therapy considers how the body works as a biomechanical chain from the foot to the head while considering the force of gravity, movement in 3 planes, ground reaction forces, and sport-specific demands

Kimberly considers applied functional science, AFS, the golden key that unlocked her potential to really make a difference in patient outcomes. “I can now simply watch a person walk, run or move and see broken links in the chain or aberrant movement patterns away from the site of injury and yet the cause of the problem.” As a result of her FAFS and success with athletes who felt they exhausted all other options, IPT is becoming known for its sport-specific rehab in addition to its manual therapy. In particular, as a result of the extensive focus in AFS on the foot and lower extremity biomechanics during gait (walking and running form), Kimberly really enjoys the success she is having working with runners.

In addition to the study of biomechanics and AFS, Kimberly continues to complete training through the Barral Institute in Visceral Manipulation; and the Jones Institute in SCS / Strain Counterstrain osteopathic techniques. She has completed SCS spine and SCS lymph to date. She has taken countless myofascial release programs and cranial-sacral certification training over her 25 years as a therapist. She is also a certified Graston practitioner.

Most recently Kimberly is proud to have completed her Active Release Technique, ART certification in the upper extremity/neck.