Sports & Running Injuries: Sport Specific Training

Sports & Running Injuries: Sport Specific Training

Sport Injuries are common and can occur from inadequate training, improper form, muscle imbalances; as well as from accidents, improper equipment and from insufficient “warm-ups” or stretching.

Like every other injury, IPT will first begin with hands-on techniques and anti-inflammatory modalities to promote healing.

Once this healing has occurred, we move into more advanced strategies of retraining.

At IPT we train the athlete three dimensionally, preparing all the muscles and joints to move safely in any direction and in all combinations of movements as real life sporting activity demands.The entire body is re-educated in proper movement patterns until finally we tackle sport specific neuro-muscular training.

Our sport specific training programs are designed to get athletes back into the field, on the court and into action faster. Yet the real secret of IPT’s rehab is you. Our goal is for our athletes to perform better than prior to injury!!!!!!

Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

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